How exciting

My friend Cherise just got a new job working for a chemical investment banking company. They have offices in New York, London and Shanghai. She will have to learn more about the company itself by working at each office. Cherise will start out in the New York office learning the chemical mergers and acquisitions there first. She is so excited about this opportunity and her hiring package is to die for. She and I were in business school together and this particular job would scare me silly. It is so advanced in business and banking that I am not sure I would ever be able to understand it myself. I mean we are talking about mergers and acquisitions for countries not just for corporations. Investments for places like China, that will bring prosperity to the country. That is indeed a complex job to have.

Chemical M&A is totally devoted to the chemical industry. Ironically enough they haven’t been hit as hard as other industries with the economic crisis that is global not just centered here in the US. They were able to restructure just enough to slide through without a dent to their market. I find that amazing considering the push for so many countries and corporations to go green. I am curious how exactly they managed to do it and I am impressed with their business acumen that got them through something that has bankrupted so many others. I wish the best of luck to Cherise and her new career. I will miss her when she goes on to London and then Shanghai, but I know that she will be home to visit as often as possible.

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