At Hummingbird Music Camp, we’ve been making music and summer fun in the mountains since 1959!

Imagine music, art and chess instruction in the natural, spiritual setting of the Jemez Mountains. Plus, campers enjoy hiking in the moonlight, camping out in the open, storytelling and singing by a campfire, creating skits with one another and participating in all manner of pleasurable, supervised activities that young people, ages 8-14, love.

Music Campers get daily private lessons as well as small and large group rehearsals with their musical peers. Our music lessons include beginning, intermediate and advanced instruction; group ensembles for guitar, piano, band, orchestra and voice; and opportunities to try an instrument you’ve never tried before.

Art Campers participate in photography, drawing, sculpting, and other artistic endeavors. Art camp brings creative exploration through a variety of projects and diverse media. Professional teachers inspire ingenuity, and the campers leave an indelible mark on camp by painting the buildings with murals and decorating the camp with the fruits of their labor.

Chess Campers receive expert instruction that includes strategies for beginners to advanced players. Competition is friendly and a tournament allows participants to see how much they have improved their skills and win a medal at the end of the week.